Environmental Ethic

One of the most incredible assets of Pine Cay is the pristine natural environment. From the early 1970’s, when the island was first being developed, the philosophy has always been to keep it safe, keep is natural, keep it beautiful. The members incorporate this philosophy into how they live on the island in many ways, and protect Pine Cay as a quiet retreat for themselves and their families.

Over the years, a set of shared guidelines and regulations were written by the members, to ensure that the future of Pine Cay was kept green and healthy. The most basic of these guidelines stand out in demonstration of the lifestyle Pine Cay community safeguards:

  • No cars – only electric golf carts
  • No paved roads – only narrow pathways
  • No air conditioning – build for breeze
  • No imported plants – use indigenous species
  • No private swimming pools – use the ocean and gorgeous club pool
  • No huge mansions – limited building size

It is good to realize that these are chosen goals, not commandments imposed. By controlling the roads and vehicles, the island has been saved from much clear cutting for roads, from much noise from vehicles, from pollution of moving gasoline/diesel for everyone. By banning air conditioning, the home designs became more at one with the climate, open to the breezes – and a significant ozone load avoided. By protecting the indigenous species of plants, the water table has been saved the thirst of imported plants. A gorgeous swimming pool - open to all - sits in splendor at the island hotel, thus the water chemical issues of individual private pools is avoided. Members happily slip into the turquoise sparkling seas to reap the benefits of salt water bathing and luxuriate in the spectacular beach. The restriction on building size has allowed the landscape and shoreline to remain natural, open, clear for all, and for the future...…

Not just the natural environment is considered important – the social environment too. The staff of Pine Cay are predominantly from nearby islands, working at Pine Cay for their entire adult lives, involved with members and their families. Since inception, the members of Pine Cay have set a high standard for educating their staff and supporting local heritage and culture. The personal friendships, family ties and shared history add another special element to the Pine Cay experience. Formally, the Pine Cay Foundation is a charity organization of the members that works across the Turks & Caicos Islands offering support for literacy, schools, computers and scholarships.

Pine Cay and the community there offers a dream – a haven for relaxation and tranquility, with no potential for development. The entire 800 acre island is owned by the community, and over 600 acres are common green space. A Caribbean island trapped in time, immune to the bustle of modern development, defended by the very small membership, kept from harm – and yours to enjoy.

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