What could be more exciting then  fishing at one of the world's few remaining paradises? Turks & Caicos Islands offer several different types of fishing opportunities in spectacular virgin areas that are seldom encroached by humans. With a multitude of native fish species and methods, there is always a custom fishing experience that can be enjoyed by everyone.

From the Pine Cay marina dock it is just a short boat ride out to the deep Caribbean tropical waters, and you will soon be deep sea sportfishing for such exotic species as blue marlin, sailfish, tuna, wahoo, sharks, mahi mahi and more. The areas around the Turks & Caicos offer sportfishing like no other place in the world in these beautiful clean Caribbean waters that are so remote that they practically private to you and you only.

If trolling is not your style, stop near a wreck or reef and try your luck. Turks & Caicos offer an endless numbers of bottom species like our bountiful populations grouper and snapper. Just picture dropping your line in front of these hungry angling delights and catching them two at a time! Line fishing here is a great way to enjoy collecting dinner!

However, no discussion about the Turks & Caicos fishing would be complete without mentioning the incredible world class bonefishing. The clear pristine white sand flats abound with these light tackle rockets called bonefish. Just a quiet walk along the beach to any one of these flats and you will soon be casting with your light spinning tackle or your favorite fly fishing outfit. Imagine the feel of these speedy hard fighting bonefish as they strip the line from your reel.

Is it the fishing that makes the Turks & Caicos the ultimate fishing destination? Well, yes and no. The fishing is absolutely great, but nothing can compare to the satisfaction of angling in some of the most beautiful  waters in the world. There will be times you will become so overwhelmed with this spectacular destination,  that "fishing" will be just a metaphor for "living life to its fullest!"

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