FoxtrotSOLD! Foxtrot is a unique beachfront home combining the majesty of native stonework and cedar shingles into a modern design, perfectly at ease on the Caribbean shore. With a spectacular great room for kitchen/dining/living space, a freestanding pod living room, plus three spacious bedrooms/two ensuites - all connected along the expansive deck – this home enables a relaxed lifestyle.

Open to the light and the sea from all directions, the entire house is raised nearly fifteen feet above ground, with water cistern, workshop, open storage below. Breezes caress you from all decks as the ocean views beckon.

The magnificent pod, attached to the main house across the decks, is an octagon, with 360 degree views. As a separate den or living room, or even a den/office – part of the Foxtrot charm is the ongoing flexibility to adapt to  your lifestyle on Pine Cay.

The “Great Room” is a significant feature of the house, running along the north side parallel to the sea. It is a comfortably furnished rectangle showcasing the ocean view through floor to ceiling glass doors and windows. The kitchen occupies the western end of the room, with an eating bar. The dining room area is central, with seating for ten around the warm wooden table. At the eastern end, the living room/lounge area welcomes you to sofas and chairs set out to enjoy the views!

Foxtrot  stands on the north shore, with fabulous  sunsets and sunrises. The spacious lot nurtures the indigenous plants of the island, and simplicity is key. The home has recently been refreshed including work on the roofline, screen replacements and repainting in the bedrooms. The sale includes all furniture and appliances, and two golf carts.


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